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Renovation and furnishing of the school dining room

Renovation and furnishing of the school dining room in First Primary school King Peter II

There are no coincidences! Or, coincidences exist and serve for good!
During the NTC weekend in March, we had the chance to “accidentally” enter the kid’s dining room at a school that was a selfless and phenomenal host of this wonderful event we organized.
At that moment, the school dining room was at least reminiscent of a space where the youngest children who dine here can feel good and nice and get the message that someone cares about them and that they are important to us.This chance meeting inspired us to think about how we can renovate this space and refine it for the coming school year, which we just did.
The school building is over 180 years old and deserves enormous attention and big investment, so we decided to deal with that part of the school that was really in an unenviable condition.
Also, this project served as inspiration to invite businessmen and individuals from the surrounding area to join us in this noble and beautiful project, so the school dining room has been renovated and furnished through the joint efforts of the Foundation and its friends.
Together, we have made it possible for the youngest pupils of First Primary School King Peter II to have their meals at renovated school dining room. Every day, about 100 toddlers go through these rooms, in which it is repaired a long-standing moisture problem, new carpentry was installed, new ceilings were installed, LED lighting, new floor and wall tiles were changed and new furniture was purchased.
We thank all those who have made their resources available in this noble action.
The joy and grandeur of giving are values ​​that we nurture through our work. Through this joint action we are an example and ambassadors of these superior values.

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