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"The contribution cannot be small, it can only be left out"

Dean Stojic, Founder


We all can contribute, because the contribution is not
just about giving the money. We can serve by sharing our resources, knowledge, expertise, information, time, all for a greater good.

When we help others without expecting anything in return, we activate
brain regions that are associated with pleasure,
creativity and a sense of mental and physical satisfaction.

We believe in a better future! And we are determined to actively participate in creating it.
The Live Rich Foundation was founded with the clear idea to contribute to a better quality of life for the citizens of Uzice, especially the youngest ones. Our goal is to direct our activities in different directions, in order to be able to reach different target groups, primarily children and young people, and in this way create the widest possible range in our activities and contributions!
We believe that the purpose of life is to develop awareness and contribute to a greater good.

Through our concrete activities, we make the world we live in a better, more beautiful and more inspiring place to live.



Užice, Srbija
Uzice, Serbia

+381 64 12 22 132


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