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Live Rich Foundation

Live Rich Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improve quality of life in Uzice!


The Live Rich Foundation was founded in Uzice in July of 2018.

The founder of the Live Rich Foundation is the Live Rich Company, Florida, USA, owned by Dean Stojic, who was born in Uzice.

The Foundation was founded with the one basic idea – each individual can and should release and utilize individual potential to the maximum.

And, yes, it is absolutely possible, if there are adequate conditions for growth, development and acquiring quality knowledge, since the knowledge is the most important precondition for personal and professional progress.


Our vision is to contribute to a better, happier and more inspiring life in the city of Uzice, with our activities and our resources.

Our vision absolutely includes others who share the same idea of contributing to better life in the city in which we grew up.

Events during NTC weekend

Participants during the NTC weekend

From noble idea to realization

Great things happen twice!

First in our mind,

And then becoming reality!


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