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Pink October 2019 – Donation to the Jefimija Association

In addition to our mission to share our resources with others, it is equally important for us to share our resources in a way that benefits to the community in the greatest possible way.
As a real example of this attitude is our cooperation with the Jefimija Breast Cancer Counseling Center – for the second year in a row.
Last year, we donated equipment for presentations and screenings to the association.
This year we have decided that our monetary donation to the Jefimija Association will cover all the activities of the association in the month of October, which is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.
These activities include experiential support, self-help groups, an open phone, health workshops, psychology workshops, Healing your life workshops.
It is our particular pleasure to partner with organizations such as Jefimija Association, because in the same way, through our activities, we contribute to the well-being of the community.

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