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LiveRich Foundation helped opening NTC Center in Uzice

Uzice has become a part of the NTC family, which it deserves a long time ago.


An idea, desire and clear intention to make life in the city of Uzice even better is what determines each of our next steps and our new actions.
And somehow spontaneous and natural, most of our actions are precisely focused on improving the conditions in which the youngest in Uzice grow and develop.
One of our goals for 2019 was the opening of the NTC center in Uzice, and a many of our activity during the year was focused in this direction.
On the last weekend of March, we organized a free two-day NTC weekend in Uzice with more than 400 Uzice residents participating – teachers, professors, parents and children.
This weekend was the foundation stone for the opening of NTC Center in Uzice.
During the NTC weekend, more than 30 teachers from all Uzice schools underwent NTC training, after which the best were selected as future NTC teachers of the NTC Uzice Center.
Parents were also able to get an even more accurate and complete picture of what the NTC methodology is, and how useful the NTC approach is for maximizing early childhood development.
Less than two months after the NTC weekend, we launched free workshops for gifted children, attended by children from all Uzice schools. That was a fantastic opportunity for teachers to try out this new and innovative methodology, and for the children a great opportunity to learn on fun way.
With the new school year, a new cycle of workshops for gifted fourth grade pupils has come, and with that, the time has come to finally open the NTC Center in Uzice, which through open-type workshops, makes this methodology accessible to Uzice children ages 4-12.
The Foundation has made its resources available between the franchisee of the NTC Center Novi Sad and Uzice children, parents and trainers, as a coordinator of all activities necessary for the workshops to take place.
Monitoring the work of teachers, training of teachers, advertising workshops, collecting preliminary applications, coordinating schedules, creating final groups of participants, providing work materials, for teachers as well as scripts for children. These are activities that we have taken great pleasure in, with the aim that our children, Uzice children, have the best conditions to develop their intellectual potential and grow into young people ready to respond in the best way possible to the various demands of life.